CyberCards Best Season Yet!

The CyberCards have been up to some big things this season!!

The first event that the CyberCards Attended was at Warren Central High School. 1529 was ranked 20th, we made it to Quarterfinals math 3 along side 447 Team Roboto and 234 CyberBlue.

The second event was held at Perry Meridian here the CyberCards were ranked 4th making us alliance captains. We made it to match 2 of the Semifinals along with 135 Penn Robotics and 3559 Thundercats.

Now, this is where things get exciting! Our most recent competition was the State Championship. There we made it all the way to the end, we were ranked 17th and were chosen by 1024 Kil-A-Bytes and 4103 Roborials. Our alliance fought hard and won the State Championship!


The winning alliance mid-play in the final match.

This was the first time ever, the CyberCards made it to (and won!) a final match! Many happy tears were shed and embraces given when the final score was announced.


The CyberCards React to the win

For the first time ever 1529 will be attending Worlds! The team is hyped and ready to storm the castle in St Louis!


Meet Dozette!!





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The Southport CyberCards are ready!

Oh yeah. You read that right. We’ve been putting in some major work in the past couple weeks, and we’re almost ready for the upcoming competitions. Here’s a couple of examples of the progress that has been made:

First, our Programming Team has completed all of their work! All that they need now is the green light to transfer everything to the robot. A lot of sweat and tears have gone into this, so it has to be amazing!

Second, our Media Team is almost finished with the Chairman’s presentation! A lot of hard work has been put in to this by media extraordinaire, Emily Wilson! Everyone on the Media Team has been putting in A+ effort!

Third, our Mechanical Team is almost finished with the robot! They’ve been working on this robot for a long time now, and they are very eager to see it in action!


(above) Two students installing some hardware. Photo Credits: Emily Wilson

Fourth, our Design Team has made some beautiful progress! They’ve been working really hard to make the robot look good and functional. Keep it going, Design Team!

And last of all, our Human Player Team has been working super hard recently! Every day, they’ve been practicing and practicing until they achieve perfection!


(above) An example of the current robot design. Photo credits: Emily Wilson

Well, as you can see, we’re almost ready for the upcoming competitions. Look out, other teams! Southport is ready to win!



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FRC 1529 Build Season Recap


Some of the mechanical team members working on the practice robot

The Southport CyberCards are almost ready to go to battle! Since last Monday, all of the different sub groups have been working diligently towards one thing: Worlds Competition. Renee Becker Blau, one of the team leaders,  said this about the team: “They’ve been working really hard, and they’re a lot more organized than they have been in the past.”


One of the mentors working with two of the team members

And she’s not wrong.  The programming team have already finished everything that they had to do. The mechanical team finished building five critical parts for the robot in just two hours. The media team has already completed the Chairman’s Essay and they have  been working on the Chairman’s presentation for the past few days.

Yes, everything seems to be hustling and bustling at Southport. You can almost smell the determination in the air. It smells like sweaty teenagers.

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CyberCards Update



The CyberCards have been working hard and tirelessly to get the competition robot ready for FIRST Stronghold 2016. Here’s what the separate teams have been doing.


CAD has modified the kit chassis, constructed the intake system, constructed the arm, and constructed the arm drive. Soon, they will be working on the design review for the judges.


The electrical team has completely wired the robot, and will be wiring the basket motor, and the mini sim.


Mechanical has finished the practice bot, and have nearly gotten done with the comp robot. They still have to work on placement for the arm mount in the comp robot, and the tires.


Programming has been working on color sensors, buttons, and coding for the robot.


Control team has been working on sensor placement and the control board layout. They have CADed the control board and are getting ready to build and wire it.


Media finished the Chairmen’s essay, the Woodie Flowers essay, and the video for the Chairman’s presentation.


Strategy has been working on the strategy for the robot. They have decided that it should be a main breaching bot, small enough to go under the low bar, and it will be able to clear all the possible defenses.


Business has turned in the Chairman’s and Woodie Flowers essays, and are currently looking into human player stuff, seeing how it could possibly affect their strategy.


We have come a long way, and there is still so much to do. The CyberCards will pull through with the perseverance and dedication they have become known for.


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1529’s Seniors

FRC 2016 Stronghold seems to be a nice competition for the seniors on the 1529 robotics team to end their SHS robotics years upon. Even though it is sad for them that they are going to be leaving some of the best years of their lives, they are happy to move to higher ground and climb a few more tiers on the ladder to success. That was literally the cheesiest line I have probably ever written, but it’s true. Here are all of the seniors and some of the things they have said about their years on team 1529.

Austin Walton: Media team captain in 2016.

He has a fiery personality that almost matches the color of his hair, which makes him quick witted and able to solve problems even in the pinchiest of pinches. In previous years he was on the Mechanical team and drove the robot in 2014.


Eddie VanBaale: Media team co-captain in 2016.

He has impeccable taste in fashion, and can find a flaw in a design even if it is like a needle in a haystack. He has held his position as co-captain on the media team all four years.


Lindsey Fraley: Captain of Safety Team & Outreach

Lindsey is the outreach queen, coming in with around sixty outreach hours cultivated from 17 outreach events just this season! Her quirky and unique personality certainly pushes everybody to expect the unexpected with her. She practically teleports behind you if you are doing something that could potentially be dangerous, and scares you to death. It definitely teaches us to wear our safety glasses in the workshop and in the pit!


Dave Smith: Head project manager for 2016.

Dave is probably the most camera shy guy you will ever meet, but despite that, he keeps us all in check. It’s an amazing feat when someone can calm down a room full of moody teenage kids AND get them to do work.


Nick Sethman: Strategy team captain for 2016.

He never fails to crack a witty joke at any time of the day. You won’t find a bad picture of him either. Seriously, I’ve checked. He loves the having fun aspect of being on the team, but knows when he needs to get to work and do a good job of it.


Austin Robbins: Controls team captain for 2016.

He is very humble and sweet but likes to make a lot of noise with the tools in the workshop. He is just as quirky as Lindsey and is able to break an awkward silence like nobody else. Also, is absolutely hilarious and is a boss on the guitar.


“I learned how to use a lot of power tools, and I really would like to possibly go into a career involving engineering. I’ve been on the team for 3 years and it helped me get better with social interactions like making friends and stuff. I’m not ready to leave, and I might come back a few times next season to help out.”


Now that our seniors are feelin’ the love, I’m out! – M.R.


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1529 Update

After the VEX competition last weekend, we are all warmed up and ready for the drive season of the FRC 2016 Stronghold competition. All of the rookies have found their home-zones for this year and are just getting settled in. 


  • Writing this
  • Chairman’s Essay
  • Woodie Flower’s award
  • Proof reading the essays


  • programmed a camera with Andy Mark components for practice
  • programmed the drive base


  • Making a list of all of the robotic parts including where they will be bought, if they are correctly fitted and built on the CAD robot
  • Going in and fixing the CAD robot

Strategy/Human player:

  • Tested how human player interaction affects team game strategy


  • Had their competition
  • Got 13th place out of 60 teams


  • Rewiring the chassis


  • Putting together the wheels for the robot as well as the siding
  • Fawning over our parts we just got
  • Driving around robot
  • Finishing the telescoping arm

They’re having fun driving a robot down the Southport High School hallway without me, so… gotta blast. -M.R.


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VEX Competition

DSC06902I was interviewing one of the key members on the CyberCards team, Kaleb, who gave me some information on the recent VEX Competition that happened this weekend.

“We went as a small group on that Saturday to the event,” Kaleb recalls, “We mainly took rookies who would be able to experience their first event, so that they would know what to expect.”

He continued, “We had a lot of the rookies from the subgroups doing all sorts of things. For instance, we had some of the kids from scout team tallying scores, while some of the media kids were taking pictures of the other teams’ robots.”

There were teams from all over the state at the event. Some of them were new, others were old teams that had been around since this whole thing started. The CyberCards were happy to greet and help some of the newer, inexperienced teams.

“We did really well,” Kaleb said, “We placed 13th out of 60. But I don’t think the scores mattered as much as the experience.”

I interviewed another team member, John, the team programmer, who told me about his experience at the event.

“We had some trouble getting to the event, and that kind of sucked,” John recalled, “When we had arrived, we found out that the drive-base wasn’t functioning properly, which was a huge problem. When we had managed to fix the issue, we barely passed inspection.”

“Eventually, after changing almost everything on the robot, we were finally ready to compete,” John said, “We did really well, and I really like the feeling that you get when you’re under pressure. It’s truly exciting.”

I asked another team member, Ty, to give me description of the event. “It was a great positive experience, the rookies learned a lot and we had a lot of fun.” Ty replied.



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