2007 was a rough year for us; some of us would like to erase it from our memories, some of us have said they’d like another shot at it. Here we go.
Our discussion session was very very productive. Veterans and rookies alike asked questions and added to the process. Very focused, very thoughtful, very open. Good stuff.
Some of the things discussed:
1. A top row with ubertubes and the logo is worth 54 points, or more than two minibots.
2. Unused ubertubes could be used to clog the opposing alliance’s lane
3. Overall, defensive strategies would be situation-specific; we probably shouldn’t invest a lot of time & energy to them during build season
4. If the minibot (should we use it) deploys automatically with 9.9999 secs left in the match, it would take out human error & potentially give us some advantage
5. We should make some standardized minibot geometry so that it’s easily shared between teams. We should collaborate with area teams to have them do likewise, then we can all gain Coopertition points just by swapping minibots before the match begins
6. Especially on the middle row, the game pieces may severely inhibit the drivers’ view – it may be worthwhile to leave that row empty for most of the match
7. If it’s a blowout, we may consider “gifting” some game objects to the opposition. We can’t score for them, but we can deposit some shapes near their pegs.
8. Automode is critical, and given the multitude of sensors and aids, theoretically not too difficult

Next meeting is Monday 1/10; if any team member hasn’t read the manual in its entirety, he or she is not allowed to speak. Hopefully we can get some ideas down early and get to prototyping.

As coach, I’d like to focus on a simple, reliable drivetrain that is easily manufactured & assembled & repaired if necessary. As we learned in 2007, manipulator is key in this game. While Dozer is cute and one of these years we will build him, this isn’t the time (should have done it for Overdrive. Oh well).


About FRC1529

FIRST Robotics Team based out of Southport High School in Indianapolis, IN
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3 Responses to #frcko

  1. Chris is me says:

    Keep in mind Coopertition Points have zero benefit on your rank – only on the award.

    Also, the ranking is WLT based again, so “gifting” tubes may not work so well – if your opponents can floor load at all.

    • frc1529 says:

      Valid points, both. With the coop points, we’re aware of them not truly mattering for the tournament per se, but if we recognize the possibilities before we start designing in earnest, it would be easy to incorporate a modular system into the design.
      I should have been more clear about the tube-sharing. That’s only if we’re on the good side of a blowout, there’s no way the other alliance can catch up, and we need the RPs. Sort of like scoring a supercell on your partner in 2009.

  2. Dustin Shadbolt says:

    Very nice post! We kind of felt that the minibot could be outdone with an amazingly executed auton and a nice stable alliance. We might make a minibot just to carry in case we need it, but we are going to focus on auton and scoring with the logos. As you said defense this year, isn’t something really you should build for. Again nice post!

    Dustin Shadbolt

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