FIRST Monday

Well, we know what our robot will do.
It will score all 3 rows.
It will have a mecanum drive base, possibly nanotube.
It will load from the feeder station.
It will not be able to floor-load game pieces.
It will have a minibot.
The Whats are good to go; the Hows should be knocked out tomorrow, unless we have a snow day. As of right now, we’re looking at a telescoping or forklift-style lift with a very simple, possibly not even articulated, end effector. Tonight and tomorrow are research days; we’ll come to a conclusion tomorrow.
Great work done by all, we’re going down a very good road. We’ll likely have a very simple robot that will perform well (don’t all teams say that the Monday after kickoff?).
The decisions we came to weren’t necessarily voted or consensus; we simply listed the possibilities, debated the pros and cons, and the best ideas rose to the top in a very obvious manner. (Thanks JVN!)
Hopefully soon we’ll have pictures to share here.


About FRC1529

FIRST Robotics Team based out of Southport High School in Indianapolis, IN
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2 Responses to FIRST Monday

  1. Chris is me says:

    Good call on abandoning floor loading. Shaker is doing the same.

  2. Chris is me says:

    Well, not anymore after that Team Update. I’d see if you can get it back with those inches.

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