Chassis is done!

We’ve got our chassis together.

We’re using the AndyMark nanotubes with AndyMark mecanum wheels, direct-driven. We’re also using the AndyMark C-Base to connect the two tubes and create a larger chassis for mounting bumpers and appendages. We’re using our architectural material (plastic sandwiched between thin sheets of Al) as a baseplate to mount all the electronics.
We’re working through the math on the floor loading mechanism; this is becoming more intricate and complicated than it probably should. Right now our motor count is up to 9, and we haven’t even contemplated the minibot deployment.
4 CIMs – one for each wheel
1 Fisher Price to raise/lower our lift
1 Denso to pivot our ‘peg’
3 Densos for our floor loader
We also started working on the minibot. We’re trying to get a lot accomplished, because if the meteorologists are right, we may not have a build session tomorrow.
Either way, we’re possibly looking at a driving base by the end of Saturday, which will be astonishing (normally that’s about Week 4.5 for us)!


About FRC1529

FIRST Robotics Team based out of Southport High School in Indianapolis, IN
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1 Response to Chassis is done!

  1. Chris is me says:

    Great chassis! Looks simple, light, and elegant – I love it. Plus you’re done with it in mid week 2 – plenty of programming and drive time!

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