Driving Chassis – now with code!

It strafes and everything!  6WD bots, look out.

(shout out to CP)

We got the CAD done for the lift, here are two views, extended and collapsed:

We’ve got it figured out so that, if we rig it correctly, we can drive the second and fifth sections up and down, and the middle sections will travel up on their own.  The method we’ll use to raise the 2nd and 5th sections will be rather like a garage door lift, only probably belt-driven instead of chain-driven.

Our minibot team came up with another deployment strategy – instead of having an arm pivot around or push out linearly, we could have the deployment arm set at about an 80* angle, latched in position.  We unlatch the arm, it falls down to tower level, the minibot is pushed out onto the pole and starts to climb.  Yesterday we got the minibot to go up in 5.5 seconds; today we blew the 20A fuse on the battery.  We’re also wiring the limit switches in place so it will turn on once engaged with the pole, and turn off once it hits the top plate.

We’ve found a disturbing trend with our nanotubes.  We’ve kept the gears well lubed, but on some of the wheels, as they turn there’s a bit of a catch in the gears.  We’re direct-driving straight out of the output shaft.  Having www.chiefdelphi.com blocked at our school is rather frustrating at times like this. 

We also found out that Interactive Intelligence, a local call center automation company, is looking to help several area teams.  This is partly due to a presentation we made with the fine folks from FRC1024.  It’s great to spread the FIRST message and get our community excited about what we do!


About FRC1529

FIRST Robotics Team based out of Southport High School in Indianapolis, IN
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1 Response to Driving Chassis – now with code!

  1. Chris is me says:

    Wow, that doesn’t look slow and immobile like most mecanums. 😛

    I hope you can keep your weight down so you can stay that agile.

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