Crunch Time

Historically, this is one of the more frustrating parts of the year.  Our basic mechanical and electrical assemblies are completed, now we’re finalizing designs and creating the manipulators and appendages.  For the rookies (about half the team), this is a process that’s kind of hard to grasp and one which is certainly hard to concentrate.  Once the parts come in, we’ll get a renewed energy and purpose, but the parts won’t come in until we design then – and therein lies the rub.

We’re slogging our way through it, and we know it eventually will work out.  Tomorrow we’ll have a full complement of adult help to oversee and drive the students.  The man who will fabricate many of our parts is coming in tomorrow morning as well; it’ll be great to sit down with him, let him know our designs and pick his brain for more elegant and efficient methods.
1024 is gracious enough to let us come to their facility and borrow their pipe bender so we can create our floor loader arms.  They’ve been fantastic friends to us through the years and certainly appreciate their hospitality. 

Last night, we encountered some problems with the gears seizing in the nanotubes; today we haven’t had any issues at all.  Whatever happened overnight must have solved the problem.  We’re not complaining.


About FRC1529

FIRST Robotics Team based out of Southport High School in Indianapolis, IN
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