Week 3 CADurday

Aside from the deployment mechanism, we (think we) have every part that we need manufactured made in Inventor.  Now that we have a decent picture to show, we can explain our strategies.

One part that hasn’t made it into CAD yet is the drive for the lift – the parts are designed but not placed in the assembly yet.  We’re using the Fisher-Price motor & gearbox to drive two pulleys on the same driveshaft, right behind the lift, positioned behind the 2nd and 5th sections.  We’ll have another two pulleys about 40″ above the first two to create the loops.  We’ll have two plates – one flat, one with the belt tooth pattern – that will capture the belt between them and allow us a point to attach the 2nd and 5th sections to the lift.

A second set of pulleys and strands will drive the two middle sections – 3 and 4 – up in a passive way.  When we get that together, we’ll post pictures.

The end effector, made of PVC, can pivot down to reach the lowest scoring peg (should we need to).  A denso motor will drive that component.

The floor loaders will “flap” in and out using denso motors, programmed to work in concert with each other.  Another denso motor will raise and lower the floor loaders.  When driven back far enough, the gamepieces will just slip on our end effector.  The starting orientation for the arms will be vertical, so they’ll be inside the frame perimeter.

It was good to sit down at the computers and knock out a lot of design work.  We also got the fabric for the bumpers cut out – we’re doing 2040-style reversible bumpers, with the help of K-Botics’ assembly guide.

Minibot deployment – we haven’t a bloody clue.  Eep.

Oh, and FRC1024 was gracious enough to allow us to use their tube bender today.


About FRC1529

FIRST Robotics Team based out of Southport High School in Indianapolis, IN
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1 Response to Week 3 CADurday

  1. K-Botics says:

    Looking forward to seeing the reversible bumpers! 🙂

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