The probable start to our forced vacation

Today’s build session was abbreviated – rather than our usual 6-9 work time, we left at 7:30.  The rain was coming hard, freezing, and we wanted to be sure everyone got home safe.

We did get some things accomplished, though.  We figured out a way to wire the minibot so that it would drive back down the post once it hit the top.  The double-limit switches came in handy!

Sad news, though.  We think our cRIO finally kicked the farm (or was it “bought the bucket”).  We’re getting no power to it at all.  We’ve checked the wiring with a multimeter, we’ve disassembled and cleaned the chassis thoroughly, we pronounced it deceased at 7:06pm.  NI was called this morning; the new one we ordered will ship on February 7th.  The way the weather maps look, that may be next day we’re in the shop anyway.

We’re hoping the shipment of 8020 and our custom parts come in soon so we may start making the robot proper.  We came up with a deployment strategy that is crazy enough it just might work – we’ve still got to get it on paper and in the computer, though.  Engineer Emily is amazing.  Perhaps it has something to do with her FRC234 upbringing …


About FRC1529

FIRST Robotics Team based out of Southport High School in Indianapolis, IN
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1 Response to The probable start to our forced vacation

  1. Dustin Shadbolt says:

    Definitely not digging the forced vacation. We are so far behind. Glad you guys are moving along!

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