Back in the saddle

We returned to find our shipment of 8020 and Bimba cylinders delivered.  We put together our lifts (one for real, one for practicebot) in no time at all.  Gotta hand it to those 8020 folks, they’ve got elegant stuff.

The manipulator (peg) will be just above the vertical center of the middle segment.  It will be set at just-under feeder window height when the lift is compressed.  Also keep in mind the lift will be 8-10″ off the ground when on the robot.  Yeah, it’ll be tall enough.

We got three 3/4″ bore, 2″ stroke Bimba cylinders for our minibot deployment.  The current idea has two arms that come down, one to make sure we’re lined up, one with the minibot.  Two of the cylinders will be used to release the arms, one for each arm.  The third will extend the minibot out to the post (the arm will be just shy of reaching the pole; we want to make sure the minibot comes in at the right angle for maximum climbing efficiency).

Perhaps tomorrow we’ll see some machined parts come in and we can build the robot in earnest. 

Every year we join many other Indiana schools at the Statehouse for Engineering/Technology Day at the Rotunda.  This year we plan to bring our practice bot.  The team from Indian Creek (FRC3180) is bringing their Hack Attack field; we may put together some VEX bots to play the game.  That event is on February 23rd, the day after ship date.  It just never ends (nor do we want it to)!


About FRC1529

FIRST Robotics Team based out of Southport High School in Indianapolis, IN
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