Ahhh Week 5.

Remember all that fantastic optimism we had at the beginning of build?  The harsh realities of life in FIRST are getting us pretty good.

The ice/snow storm that hit this past week not only kept us out of the shop, it also kept our fabricator away.  It didn’t help that the flu is sweeping through like an analogy.  We got the adapters for the FP gearbox in house; everything else ought to be ready Wednesday.

We got a nice email from National Instruments.  The cRIO that was supposed to ship today?  They’re backed up; the new proposed ship date is … February 25th.  Yup.

We’ve been moving stuff around on the robot to make room for the other stuff on the robot.  Things have a way of growing in real life – it all fit beautifully in CAD!  We’ll make it happen; it’s just a bit of a painful process right now.  All in all, we’d rather be feeling the pain the beginning of Week 5 than at the regional!

Tomorrow we plan to get the lift mounted on the chassis, we’ll be sure to have pictures of that.  We’ll finish the CAD on the deployment mechanisms, so they can be sent to the fabricator. 

We’ll also put the finishing touches on wiring the minibot.  We’ve got a double-limit-switch at the top, so when it hits the target it will drive back down the pole.

The Controls Team is getting understandably annoyed – with the appendages moving around, the electronics and controls are constantly being repositioned. 

Hopefully soon we’ll get everything in the final positions and put the finishing touches on our 2011 masterpiece.


About FRC1529

FIRST Robotics Team based out of Southport High School in Indianapolis, IN
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1 Response to Reality

  1. frc1529 says:

    In re-reading this post, I see that the fourth paragraph may be taken as sarcastic. That was not intended at all. National Instruments did send a very nice email detailing that they were having operational issues, were concerned about the delay, and would work hard to create a solution before their worst-case-scenario 2/25 ship date.

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