Up, up and away!

The best part of today came at the end.  We put on half of one side of our pulley system and proved that it works in real time and full scale. 

The way it works is this – let’s say the members of the lift are 1 2 3      4 5 6, so that 1&6 are stationary, 2&5 lift together halfway up, and 3&4 lift together all the way.  We attach a cable to the bottoms of 1 & 3 and run it through a pulley at the top of 2.  This way, when 2 is lifted, 3 lifts twice as fast and we only have to drive one segment.  (The system is then mirrored horizontally to provide a way to drive it back down, and it is mirrored vertically to the other half of the lift).

We got our diagonal supports made and on the frame.  We’re re-installing our electronics now that we’re fairly sure of their final resting place.  We’re tweaking the minibot and sent the deployment part designs to our fabricator.  All in all, a productive, if somewhat slow-moving, day.  But, we’d rather take our time and do it right than rush it and have to do it again.


About FRC1529

FIRST Robotics Team based out of Southport High School in Indianapolis, IN
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