It’s beginning to look like a robot!

Big day.  We got fabricated parts in.  We fabricated some parts ourselves.  We got 5 or 6 button designs.  We visited the EDM shop.  We saw some really cool R-R things.  We even attached a motor!

As expected, the assembled lift for our practice bot turned out better than the lift on our competition bot, so we swapped them.  Mild headache, but it’s a lot smoother and will certainly benefit us.

Here’s the first final draft of our game object manipulator:

Still deciding if we’ll paint it or leave it au naturel.  We’re very happy with how securely this thing holds the game objects, especially with no active gripper.  Here it is mounted on our lift:

front                                                                               back

We’ve got the denso motor on there to pivot it just in case we don’t score the ubertube in autonomous mode, if we need to score on the lowest pegs, or if we become a runnerbot.  Also, it allows us to not break the frame perimeter, which is sorta important.

We took a field trip to L&S EDM, the shop that has done most of our fabricating this year (other than AndyMark and 8020).  It was cool to see their machines, their projects past and present, and our parts being made.  They do good work for a very good price.

Next week we ought to get our belts and pulleys from Gates, as well as the deployment mechanisms from Fab2Order.  We also got a confirmation email that our cRIO has been shipped.  Week 6 will certainly be busy!


About FRC1529

FIRST Robotics Team based out of Southport High School in Indianapolis, IN
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