Boilermaker Regional

First off, huge congratulations to our sister school and mentor team, FRC234 Cyber Blue from Perry Meridian, for a well-deserved regional win as well as earning the Engineering Inspiration award. We’ll certainly be watching you at St. Louis.
Also a big congrats to FRC1741, Red Alert from Center Grove, for winning the RCA. We’ve become close with these guys through their help with CAGE Match and other events – we’re inspired by your hard work and great attitude.
Chris Elston from FRC1501 received the Woodie Flowers Award from Dr. Flowers himself – such a great moment, and so well-deserved.
The team we mentored last year, FRC3176, won two awards, and the team they helped this year, FRC3487, were regional Rookie All-Stars. So cool to see our family tree growing.

Here’s a match-by-match breakdown of our BMR experience.

Match 7 0-42 Loss (0-1)
We scored two pieces on the bottom row, but they were negated due to penalties. We used our floor loader effectively, but it was slow and we took the manipulators off after this match.

Match 14 82-0 Win (1-1)
We spent this match pretty much staying out of Cyber Blue’s way. We fed them game pieces and blocked opposing robots for them.

Match 21 1-2 Loss * (1-2) (1-1-1)*
This one was a tough one. We were able to score two pieces on the bottom row, but the second piece was scored as the match ended. Our robot was about a half inch away from the tube, so from a distance it appeared to be touching. Neither of the official scorers gave us credit for the score. When we realized what had happened, we sent our driver to the Question Box, but by the time the crew realized he was there, the next match had already started and it was too late.
To their credit, Head Ref Andrew Covington and FTA Jerry Budd visited our pit just before lunch to let us know the situation and that since the game piece had been removed and there was no way to verify it was a score, the result had to stay. It was a nice gesture on their part.

Match 27 22-12 Win (2-2) (2-1-1)*
We scored a bottom-row logo. This was a fun one.

Match 33 38-8 Win (3-2) (3-1-1)*
This match we spent playing defense on 868. Looks like we did a good job, holding them to 8 points total.

Match 37 10-27 Loss (3-3) (3-2-1)*
We pretty much got steamrolled by the eventual #1 seed and event champions.

Match 44 0-64 Loss (3-4) (3-3-1)*
We did score a tube or two, but they were erased by team penalties. 3487 showed themselves as worthy defenders this round.

Match 49 0-16 Loss (3-5) (3-4-1)*
Simply got outplayed by a better alliance. This match our robot started its intermittent drive problems.

Match 60 35-78 Loss (3-6) (3-5-1)*
Our drive problems continued – we were unable to control the robot for most of the match. Not a great way to start our Saturday. We finally traced the fault to a poorly wired sidecar.

Match 67 48-19 Win (4-6) (4-5-1)*
Our first fully-functional match. 18 of the 48 points were scored by our top-row logo; the other 30 were from FRC538’s minibot. This was a fun and exciting match for us, since we were able to supply all of the teleoperated scoring and were the featured offensive robot for our alliance.

Match 71 51-15 Win (5-6) (5-5-1)*
We scored 2 top-level pieces this round; as we went back to get the last square, FRC1747 lined up for the tower and blocked our feeder lane. We went to the other feeding lane, but the human player had already thrown out all the squares. Fun win either way.

We came into the alliance pairings very confident, but didn’t make the cut. We weren’t able to fully showcase our robot until too late Saturday; we’re guessing the captains had already made their decisions by that time.
It was a very fun event. We certainly learned a lot this season and put forth our most competitive FRC robot to date. We’re excited to go make some noise at IRI this year, should we be invited to compete.

Wednesday’s meeting will be interesting as we break down the build and competition seasons. It will be fascinating to see how the team members have viewed our seasons, what we did well, and what we could improve in future seasons.


About FRC1529

FIRST Robotics Team based out of Southport High School in Indianapolis, IN
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2 Responses to Boilermaker Regional

  1. It was fun having a pit next to you guys. You guys seemed really professional and nice. Hope you have a great off season and see you next season!

    Dustin Shadbolt
    Team 1555 PULSE

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    over again to read additional news.

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