End of Week 3

After three weeks, it’s about time this was updated. Sorry about that.
Today was a pretty big day for CAD. We finalized a lot of the designs for our three main systems, and have every design done except for turning the turret. We’ve got an idea on how to turn it, but we just ran out of time.
There will be a bit of 8020 on our machine again; this time it will be the support and guide for our conveyor system and turret, as well as the arm. We’d like to be farther along physically than we are right now, but our ideas are well thought through and could translate to a smoothly operating machine. As our friends on 234 say, “Hey, it works in Inventor!”
The current iteration has an arm that rotates out, snags a ball and pulls it up into the vertical conveyor which feeds the turreted launcher. It launches out the back of the robot, which is okay – when we traverse the beam, we’ll go over backwards anyway. Our programmers have written code which reverses the controls when the trigger is held, so the driver will be able to drive in reverse equally well as forward.
We’ve got two 8″ AM kitwheels in the back and two 8″ slick wheels in front. It handles pretty nicely. Navigating the bridge may take some practice, but if all goes well, we’ll have time to practice this year!
Other news: This year we’re officially a two-regional team: Boilermaker Regional and Queen City Regional. We’re sharing room and transportation costs with our friends on FRC3180, which will be awesome.
Hopefully this will be updated again soon, with pictures and video.


About FRC1529

FIRST Robotics Team based out of Southport High School in Indianapolis, IN
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