Ultimate Ascent – Week 1 Tuesday

We’ve got a strategy and a design. Which is nice.
Our goal is to make a robot that can ascend the pyramid, from the inside, to level 3.
As of right now, our robot will be roughly 24X24 (plus bumpers)and less than a foot tall.
It’s kind of hard to describe our design without pictures; hopefully soon we’ll get some rough CAD to help explain. We will have a 24(ish) inch arm on each side of the robot, with a 12″ stroke pneumatic cylinder at the end, so fully deployed it wil reach around 36″. Each arm will have a hook. We’ll use these to climb up the inside of the pyramid – first one will grapple, we’ll bring it back in with two AndyMark PGMotors and surgical tubing, then we’ll repeat the process with the other arm.
Drivetrain will be 4WD, direct from the kit gearboxes (we’ve ordered two more).
We may adapt one of our arms to be able to score discs in the low goal; we’ll see how it goes.
We haven’t used pneumatics since 2010, so that will be an adventure.
Hopefully we’ll see some success at QCR and CCR this year.

(Behind the Scenes)
After discussions, we decided that an alliance score of 20 would win the majority of qualification matches. Being able to score 30 by ourselves, consistently, with the promise of possibly 10 more through low goal scoring, projects to make us a high seed, or at least a strong alliance partner. The data found on and discussed in the EWCP TwentyFour site proved valuable in our strategy discussions. So thanks to Andrew, Chris, Dustin, and Ian.


About FRC1529

FIRST Robotics Team based out of Southport High School in Indianapolis, IN
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