Friday Week 1 2013

Today we sent off several bracket parts to our fabricator.  We’re working with Mike Trapp from Waterjet Cutting of Indiana in addition to Jason Greeson at Fab2Order this year – lightening the load should help our illustrious sponsors.  Our arm is 75% designed; we’ll finish that tomorrow.

We got our bumper wood and noodles cut, and our electronic panels are getting planned out.IMG_1823How many students does it take to cut bumper wood?

IMG_1824IMG_1827We’ll feature a two-level controls board, with battery, cRIO, compressor, and tanks on bottom; everything else on top.

IMG_1825Our CAD monkeys are hard at work.  Our lifting arm system is 85% designed; we’ll knock out the rest tomorrow.  As it stands right now, we’ll be using 8 motors total (2 CIMs for drive, 4 AndyMark PG27 Gearmotors for the arms, and two VEX 393s to unlatch the arms.

IMG_1826Adjusting to not only Build Season, but the start of the school year and all it entails (theatre performance yesterday, athletic events, band events, etc.) is proving to be a struggle, but students find ways to cope.

Tomorrow we’ll receive our FIRSTChoice shipment as well as some other goodies from our friends at AndyMark.


About FRC1529

FIRST Robotics Team based out of Southport High School in Indianapolis, IN
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