Team Update 3 (1/15)


Looks like TU3 has us in the weeds.

Let me explain:

Here’s our robot, in CAD form, as it currently stands (no electronics or bumpers yet):

1Overall dimensions without bumpers:  24″W x 20″L.  Designed to be a 30-point climber, and here’s how she does it:

2First, the arms drop down so we can drive under the pyramid.


2aWe extend the right arm up to grab the first rung and hoist ourselves up.


4Here it is retracted.  So far, so good.*


5But when we go for that second rung with our other arm, that’s when things get … sticky.

In this picture, the hook on the right is holding the first rung, and the hook on top is reaching for the second rung.  With the original rules as written, everything is A-OK.  Absolutely within a 54″D x 84″H cylinder relative to the floor.  But with the new G23-1A, we’re in a bit of a bind.  See, G23-1Astates that “While in contact with the PYRAMID, a ROBOT may not have its horizontal dimensions exceed a 54 in. diameter vertical cylinder relative to the ROBOT” – we’re exceeding that by about a foot.




We were feeling really good about this design.  It’s certainly not a groundbreaking robot.  It’s not going to be lighting up the scoreboard with discs in goals or even that entertaining to watch.  But it’s entirely within our means.  But it’s a finalized and universally agreed-upon strategy.  But it’s almost completely CADed – the first year we’ve done so (2010 was close).  But all the parts have been ordered to our gracious fab sponsors (thanks Fab2Order and Waterjet Cutting of Indiana!).  But we were going to have this robot finished, at least mechanically, by the start of Week 4, giving us TONS of time to test, practice, program, practice, tweak, practice, and practice.  But this was designed by a team of students and a plucky, if somewhat misguided and miseducated teacher.  But it was a solid 30 pts per round, and from our calculations (and advice from a kitchen appliance), that would be more than enough to be sitting pretty come Saturday afternoon at competition.

Not cool, GDC.  Not cool at all.

*You’re probably thinking here “Wait … How are they going to pivot that left/top arm out?  Isn’t the horizontal bar of the pyramid in the way?”  Well, we’ll pivot that arm out before we retract the other – I just didn’t show it in this pictorial for aesthetic purposes (and also I forgot to do so).


About FRC1529

FIRST Robotics Team based out of Southport High School in Indianapolis, IN
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