Strategy Discussion – Dealing with the Arctic Cold

The team ran into THREE SNOW DAYS in a row starting off week 1. While the students enjoyed the snow days, the team started to get antsy about losing so much strategy and prototyping time.

On Wednesday the team was able to meet and start talking about different game strategies:

Goal Tending

  • When you have your robot in your goal zone and your defending the other alliance from scoring.
  • Usually you would have an object that is blocking the high goals from scoring there.


  • The team talked about the different ways of scoring and what would be more efficient, scoring high or low goals?
  • If the team scores in high goals the team becomes self-dependent on scoring points.


  • This is something to add in as a secondary requirement
  • The team felt that it would be difficult to catch a ball being thrown by another robot, particularly because of communication delays between teams.

Defending (In-General)

  • This was something the team did last year.
  • Technically every robot could defend.
  • The team would like to be an offensive robot.

The team ranked the different strategies in the following list:

Week 1 Strategy Discussion with FRC 1529

Week 1 Strategy Discussion with FRC 1529

The team is excited to meet on Friday to continue the discussion and brainstorming!

~ CyberCards


About FRC1529

FIRST Robotics Team based out of Southport High School in Indianapolis, IN
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