Finishing the Manipulator Prototypes

FRC 1529 spent Monday evening assembling the AM14U and finalizing their intake and manipulator prototypes. On Wednesday the students presented their different designs for team discussion, created a design matrix, and decided on their final robot strategy.

The various designs the students prototyped included:

Floor Loader Designs

  • Triceratops – This design had two bars at the base that scooped the ball up and a wheeled bar that came from the top that would suck the ball in towards the robot.
  • Wheeled Intake – Two bars with a series of wheels on them, driven by motors that would either pull the ball forward towards the robot or backwards outwards. This was similar to the Boom.Done Robot In Three Days but with wheels.

Ejection Prototypes

  • Catapult– Built out of wood, the students created a full sized prototype for testing. The students attached surgical tubing to the arm of the catapult allowing them to pull down on the tubing and create the potential energy to eject the ball short distances.

Small scale catapult prototype

Intake and Ejection

  • Palindrome– Using two turrets mounted vertically on either side of the Chassis, the Palindrome would act as an intake and ejection device by being able to collect the ball by using a wheeled claw device, then rotate the ball over the robot with the turrets for shooting.
Sketch of palindrome design

Sketch of palindrome design

  • Trebuchet– The trebuchet would floor lift the ball from the front of the robot, utilize a conveyer belt to pass it through the robot, and once in position use counter weights to project the ball toward the goal.
Basic Trebuchet Design

Basic Trebuchet Design

The design matrix can be found here: FRC 1526 Design Matrix 2014

After much heated discussion, the team decided to pursue the Palindrome Design based on the Requirements and Objectives List the team created and the fact that it ranked second for both the intake and ejection mechanism in the design matrix.

Scaled Cardboard Palindrome Design

Scaled Cardboard Palindrome Design

On Friday the team plans to further explore the engineering requirements of the Palindrome design.

~ CyberCards


About FRC1529

FIRST Robotics Team based out of Southport High School in Indianapolis, IN
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