From Theory to Reality

Today FRC 1529 started to take the palindrome prototype design idea from theory to reality. At the start of the meeting the students reviewed palindrome prototype design of the robot.

Danny, an Engineer from AndyMark, lead the team in a discussion around pivot points, arm length, intake methods, motor placement, and control methods. The team then created a web showing the interplay between components of the robot. Check out the picture and a summary of some of the results:


Design Choice Interplay Between Components

  • Motors will be closer to the pivot point to help prevent tipping and shorten wires (as a trade off the team will have a longer belt).
  • In terms of a storing method, high friction wheels will be used effect grab and stow the ball.
  • The team discussed ways sensors can be used to help lower human error and measure the trajectory of the shot.
  • The team discussed the weight of the arms themselves, we don’t want them too long, since that increases weight and they could hit the bumpers, but we don’t want them too short because we wouldn’t be able to pick up the ball at all.
  • For the wheels and roller placement, the secondary wheels  should be placed just in front of the center point so there is enough compression and friction to hold and store the ball.
  • Roller speed has to be tested to determine how fast the ball goes into the shooter and how much power is needed.

Starting on Saturday the team will be focusing on prototyping the arms, and begin basic CAD for the design.

~CyberCards (Eddie and Sage)


About FRC1529

FIRST Robotics Team based out of Southport High School in Indianapolis, IN
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