Mentors? Mentors!

After some pretty significant struggles in the 2013 competition season, the CyberCards found themselves at the bottom of a lot of lists.  Mostly, the rankings lists.  We went 1-9 at QCR and 5-5 at CRR.  We had some unique and innovative ideas, but didn’t have the engineering brainpower to pull them off successfully.  After some redesigning, we were able to improve to gain 2nd place at the CAGE Match, and with help from 71, 234, and 3559, we won BPRC!  It was great to get our rookie members a taste of success, and we hope to carry this into 2014.

As the build season progresses, our mentor base is drastically improving.  Going from slim-to-none last year, we’ve collaborated with local teams and built up an awesome adult support system.  We leaned heavily on our friends to the south, FRC1741 Red Alert, to help us host the 2014 local Kickoff.  We’ve welcomed to our team Danny Blau (formerly of 3184 Blaze), Renee Becker(-Blau) (formerly of every WI and MN team ever), Carolyn Grace (formerly of 33 and 3176), Logan Byers (formerly of 461 and 1747), and Chris Noble (formerly of every IN team ever).  We’ve also had CyberCard alumni pop in, and we’ve gained some new mentors new to FRC through connections with other teams, and we’ve bounced ideas off of students and adults from teams across the land.  It’s great to help others, and it’s humbling to get assistance when we need it.  

We’ve also adopted a different build season schedule – instead of 6-day weeks as we’ve done in the past, now we’re in the shop Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.  So far we’ve seen great returns on it – the team is refreshed each build session, members are focused and hard-working, and we’re very thoughtful in what we do.



About FRC1529

FIRST Robotics Team based out of Southport High School in Indianapolis, IN
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