FRC 1529 Queen City Regional 2014

This school year’s exploits of FRC 1529 were more than satisfactory. The good news is we’ve done a bunch of cool stuff this year that will interest you. We played some good robots, and our team has beautifully developed into a wonderful cornucopia of talent and diversity. There is so much to discuss, but today we only have time to elaborate on the infamous happenings of the Queen City Regional. Listen up.

Robot Assembly

Robot Assembly

Our marvelous win/loss record of 3-9-0 wasn’t the best, but during qualification match 91, paired up with FRC 4275 and FRC 1646, we were knocked over during play. Miraculously, we looked towards the heavens and summoned the strength to force ourselves back on our wheels to continue the match! Also, in the pits, multiple judges came to the pit asking about the team, robot, and safety even before opening ceremonies. Our Chairman’s presentation was a spewing success. Although one of our presenters lost their voice, the presenters still had a great time.

1529 in Action

1529 in Action

This year’s Queen City Regional was amazing for the team and we all had a fun time. 1529 is looking forward to our summer activities. We hope to come back to Queen City next year! If we are unable to replicate this success next year or better ourselves, we will strive to be even better the next year.

Good Times on the Field

Good Times on the Field


About FRC1529

FIRST Robotics Team based out of Southport High School in Indianapolis, IN
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