Saturday Week 3 2015

Hi FriendsWithRobots,

As we cruise through the midpoint of the build season, we take a look back at our accomplishments and look ahead at our future challenges.

So far, we’ve constructed a Tote Chute, Litter Chute, Step, and Scoring Platform.  We’ve come up with an overall robot design, have assembled our chassis, and even had some parts fabricated by our friends at Fab2Order.

Our robot design is heavily influenced by the Team Indiana entry from the 72-hour robot build teams.  As it happens, it is similar to this design posted on Chief Delphi, in that we will accept totes from the tote chute, through the back of our robot.  We’ll stack them two at a time, building up to six high.

The special feature of our robot is the recycling container manipulators.  Our robot will feature two arms, one on each side of the robot, that can passively grab RCs under the lid.  Each arm can lift vertically and rotate horizontally.  We will lift and swing a RC into our elevator and place it on our stack.  We’ll then build our stack under the RC and place it on the Scoring Platform for 36-42 points, and repeat.  We’re confident that we can score 108 points per match (126 points with Litter) with this routine.


About FRC1529

FIRST Robotics Team based out of Southport High School in Indianapolis, IN
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