2016 FIRST Stronghold Strategy

Hi FriendsWithRobots,

After a week of knowing what this years FRC game is, we have finally figured out our strategy and planned out our priorities for the 2016 competition. Thought you might wanna know, so here’s our strictly professional blog post.

When it comes to our priorities, we have come to the conclusion that our robot will be able to;

  1. Pass inspection
  2. Move
  3. Be built by us
  4. Breach (40-50 pts)
  5. Shoot Low Goal (2pts x 8 balls =16pts) Which is driver dependent (aka. they need to practice hard)
  6. Scale (10pts + ranking pt)



Now that we have figured these out, we have moved onto what defenses we need to weaken in order to accomplish a BREACH. These in order of importance are,

1. Portcullis-Cheval de Frise
2. Moat-Ramparts
3. Drawbridge-Sally Port
4. Rock Wall-Rough Terrain
5. Low BarIMG_6640


As for the dimensions and accessories, we have deduced that the robot will be,

  1. Less than or equal to 24 inches wide
  2. Less than or equal to 14 inches tall (BECAUSE TRIG)

Then what we will have,

  1. Fluffy 8 inch pneumatic tires
  2. And a… Deployable Thingy-ma-bob? Who put that there??? (aka. undecided design)


Follow the team on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/FRC 1529 and twitter via @FRC1529.

We will update next week on our strictly serious blog, so look forward to it!- M.R.





About FRC1529

FIRST Robotics Team based out of Southport High School in Indianapolis, IN
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