Yeah prototypes! 2016 FIRST Stronghold

On January 15th, the team came together and identified the different prototypes they wanted to research and test.

The team determined that we wanted to check the following types of prototypes:

  • Passive defense object (manipulates defense)
  • Ball pickup rollers vertical
  • Ball pickup horizontal
  • Ball pickup wheels
  • Ball pickup tube like design
  • Ball pickup conveyor
  • Passive Scaling Mechanisms
  • Active Scaling Mechanisms
  • Elevator Mechanism

Students did research and found examples of different prototypes.

On Saturday, the team split into three different prototyping groups.

  • Controls:
    • color sensors for automated driving
    • pseudocode for robot
    • set up github for 2016
  • Rollers:
    • Grip tested with different wheels, tapes, surgical tubing and pool noodles/litter
    • Developed horizontal and vertical prototypes of roller claw for boulder manipulation.
    • Pool noodle with horizontal orientation with 1 in. compression on boulder was best fit.
  • Elevator:
    • Prototyped 3 different lift mechanisms.
    • two were pneumatic based, one with a winch and one without, both however, dealt with a piston moving an inner piece that would slide a hook
    •  the last dealt with a mix of a telescopic and cascading lift, driven with chain and sprocket and slid against each other with bearings.
    • Now currently researching telescopic lifts from team 233 and 27

So far a group of highly talented parents have completed 4 out of 7 of the defenses we need to test our prototypes with. THANK YOU PARENTS!






About FRC1529

FIRST Robotics Team based out of Southport High School in Indianapolis, IN
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