The CyberCards have been Busy Bees

This year, we have eight different groups working on separate parts of the new robot. All were asked the question “what have you done so far in this build season and what do you plan to get done.”

Mechanical is run by Jeremy. He says that his group have been working on prototyping the shooter and the intake set-up.

The second mechanical group is run by CJ. He says that his group has been cutting the practice chassis pieces, assembling said practice chassis, and assembling the gear boxes.

The electrical group is run by Zhuling. She says that she and her group have been wiring the prototype robot, taking the components off of old robots, testing the components to see which ones are working and which ones aren’t, giving the working components to the practice robot, and color-coding the components so that if something breaks or stops working, they can trace the problem back to it’s source.

The programming team is run by Dylan, and they have been working on how the robot will operate during autonomous mode, and making the practice robot “go vroom vroom,” or move, says Dylan himself.

The safety team, run by Lyndsey, has been designing posters to hang in the shop and in the pit, to remind us the importance of safety. She is also working on a safety quiz.

Controls is run by Austin R. and they have decided that they are going to use light sensors and where and how they are going to go on the robot.

CAD is run by Torey, and he says that his group is working on a constrained chassis, the dimensions for the bumper and the frame perimeter, the arm intake system, and what the overall design needs to look like.

And finally, media. Run by Austin, they have been working on the Woody Flowers Essay, the Chairman’s essay, the judges presentation, and getting the blog up and running again.


1529 has been busy, and will continue to be until build season ends!



About FRC1529

FIRST Robotics Team based out of Southport High School in Indianapolis, IN
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