VEX Competition

DSC06902I was interviewing one of the key members on the CyberCards team, Kaleb, who gave me some information on the recent VEX Competition that happened this weekend.

“We went as a small group on that Saturday to the event,” Kaleb recalls, “We mainly took rookies who would be able to experience their first event, so that they would know what to expect.”

He continued, “We had a lot of the rookies from the subgroups doing all sorts of things. For instance, we had some of the kids from scout team tallying scores, while some of the media kids were taking pictures of the other teams’ robots.”

There were teams from all over the state at the event. Some of them were new, others were old teams that had been around since this whole thing started. The CyberCards were happy to greet and help some of the newer, inexperienced teams.

“We did really well,” Kaleb said, “We placed 13th out of 60. But I don’t think the scores mattered as much as the experience.”

I interviewed another team member, John, the team programmer, who told me about his experience at the event.

“We had some trouble getting to the event, and that kind of sucked,” John recalled, “When we had arrived, we found out that the drive-base wasn’t functioning properly, which was a huge problem. When we had managed to fix the issue, we barely passed inspection.”

“Eventually, after changing almost everything on the robot, we were finally ready to compete,” John said, “We did really well, and I really like the feeling that you get when you’re under pressure. It’s truly exciting.”

I asked another team member, Ty, to give me description of the event. “It was a great positive experience, the rookies learned a lot and we had a lot of fun.” Ty replied.




About FRC1529

FIRST Robotics Team based out of Southport High School in Indianapolis, IN
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