1529’s Seniors

FRC 2016 Stronghold seems to be a nice competition for the seniors on the 1529 robotics team to end their SHS robotics years upon. Even though it is sad for them that they are going to be leaving some of the best years of their lives, they are happy to move to higher ground and climb a few more tiers on the ladder to success. That was literally the cheesiest line I have probably ever written, but it’s true. Here are all of the seniors and some of the things they have said about their years on team 1529.

Austin Walton: Media team captain in 2016.

He has a fiery personality that almost matches the color of his hair, which makes him quick witted and able to solve problems even in the pinchiest of pinches. In previous years he was on the Mechanical team and drove the robot in 2014.


Eddie VanBaale: Media team co-captain in 2016.

He has impeccable taste in fashion, and can find a flaw in a design even if it is like a needle in a haystack. He has held his position as co-captain on the media team all four years.


Lindsey Fraley: Captain of Safety Team & Outreach

Lindsey is the outreach queen, coming in with around sixty outreach hours cultivated from 17 outreach events just this season! Her quirky and unique personality certainly pushes everybody to expect the unexpected with her. She practically teleports behind you if you are doing something that could potentially be dangerous, and scares you to death. It definitely teaches us to wear our safety glasses in the workshop and in the pit!


Dave Smith: Head project manager for 2016.

Dave is probably the most camera shy guy you will ever meet, but despite that, he keeps us all in check. It’s an amazing feat when someone can calm down a room full of moody teenage kids AND get them to do work.


Nick Sethman: Strategy team captain for 2016.

He never fails to crack a witty joke at any time of the day. You won’t find a bad picture of him either. Seriously, I’ve checked. He loves the having fun aspect of being on the team, but knows when he needs to get to work and do a good job of it.


Austin Robbins: Controls team captain for 2016.

He is very humble and sweet but likes to make a lot of noise with the tools in the workshop. He is just as quirky as Lindsey and is able to break an awkward silence like nobody else. Also, is absolutely hilarious and is a boss on the guitar.


“I learned how to use a lot of power tools, and I really would like to possibly go into a career involving engineering. I’ve been on the team for 3 years and it helped me get better with social interactions like making friends and stuff. I’m not ready to leave, and I might come back a few times next season to help out.”


Now that our seniors are feelin’ the love, I’m out! – M.R.


About FRC1529

FIRST Robotics Team based out of Southport High School in Indianapolis, IN
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