New ways to support the CyberCards!

1. Go to search CyberCards and your Kroger Plus Card will automatically donate a percentage of your purchases to the team!
2. For direct donations, go to and support the team!
Ed.Co is a new fundraising host based in New York state that specifically helps out FIRST Robotics teams. They’ve already provided two pizza parties for us and we value their friendship.

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2015 Critical Design Review

FRC 1529 hosted our first design review last Saturday!

A critical design review is where you take your current robot design strategy, present it in front of a group of people, and receive feedback on the efficiency and effectiveness of the design.

Students created a powerpoint for their Recycle Rush Strategy that explained the game and our master plan.

Torey Dunn, Jeremy Roy, and Nick Sethman (not pictured) took charge in leading and presenting Team 1529's design plans

Current students, alumni, mentors, and other community members came from all around Indiana to be hear our strategy and design for this year’s game.



Great turnout for our CDR!

Great turnout for our CDR!


Ultimately we learned that the idea was well thought out and that there wasn’t much to change. The discussion helped narrow our design space and we started the process of CADing out specific aspects of the robot.

Special thanks to Edco for Sponsoring the pizza for the night from our online fundraising platform! The company helped us develop a crowdfunding campaign that could be passed along to local supporters of FRC 1529.

Edco Logo

We expect to have basic sketches up of our design in the next blog.


FRC 1529

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Week 1 Review- Priority Lists & Game Analysis

The past three meetings the team discussed different game strategies, game analysis, and our priority list. We built a prototype electrical board and started to build pieces of the game field for the team to practice with.

These are notes from our discussion about strategy:

Discussion Board


The team came up with the following priority list:

  1. Human Player Totes
  2. Staging Zone Containers
  3. Landfill Totes (Staging Zone Totes)
  4. Step Containers

The Chairman’s and Media team have picked a theme to use as a structure for their essay, executive summary, and presentation. The theme will follow the idea of a “STEM Pipeline” and will lay out the ways FRC 1529 is engaging the community at different levels.

Take a look at the drafted pipeline the MOCHA (Marketing, Outreach, Communications, Hospitality, Awards) team developed:

Chairman's Theme

Next steps:

  • Finish field elements
  • Develop robot design space by coming up with basic design constraints through game rules and team strategy decisions.
  • Report on the results of our CDR
  • Refine the Chairman’s essay outline
  • Build a storyboard for the Chairman’s video

Good luck in week 2!

FRC 1529

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2015 FRC Game – Recycle Rush

…And we’re back!

The 2015 FRC Season started off with the team hosting Kickoff on Saturday, January 3rd. There were four kickoff events that took place in Indiana. Check out the IndianaFIRST Blog for an overview of the events:

This year’s game is called Recycle Rush. In the recycling themed game, Robot alliances score points by stacking totes on scoring platforms, capping those stacks with recycling containers, and properly disposing of pool noodles, representing litter.Check out the game animation video for all the details.

We’re excited to start this build season!

Good luck,

FRC 1529

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FRC 1529 Queen City Regional 2014

This school year’s exploits of FRC 1529 were more than satisfactory. The good news is we’ve done a bunch of cool stuff this year that will interest you. We played some good robots, and our team has beautifully developed into a wonderful cornucopia of talent and diversity. There is so much to discuss, but today we only have time to elaborate on the infamous happenings of the Queen City Regional. Listen up.

Robot Assembly

Robot Assembly

Our marvelous win/loss record of 3-9-0 wasn’t the best, but during qualification match 91, paired up with FRC 4275 and FRC 1646, we were knocked over during play. Miraculously, we looked towards the heavens and summoned the strength to force ourselves back on our wheels to continue the match! Also, in the pits, multiple judges came to the pit asking about the team, robot, and safety even before opening ceremonies. Our Chairman’s presentation was a spewing success. Although one of our presenters lost their voice, the presenters still had a great time.

1529 in Action

1529 in Action

This year’s Queen City Regional was amazing for the team and we all had a fun time. 1529 is looking forward to our summer activities. We hope to come back to Queen City next year! If we are unable to replicate this success next year or better ourselves, we will strive to be even better the next year.

Good Times on the Field

Good Times on the Field

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2014 Boilermaker Regional – Highlights

FRC 1529 had an amazing time at the 2014 Boilermaker Regional this past season. The team faced some challenges, but our students were engaged and excited throughout the entire event!

The team took away two prestigious 2014 Boilermaker Regional awards:

One of our seniors, Alex Schutte, a student on FRC 1529, received the FIRST Dean’s List Finalist Award.

2014 Boilermaker Regional Dean's List Finalist Award Winner

2014 Boilermaker Regional Dean’s List Finalist Award Winner Alex Schutte

The team’s lead mentor Mike Taylor, a Southport High School PLTW Teacher, was given the Woodie Flowers Award.

FRC 1529 Mike Taylor WFFA

Mike Taylor receiving his WFFA from 2003 Championship Woodie Flowers Award Winner Andy Baker of AndyMark, Inc.

Both awards show the dedication and passion these individuals have for FRC 1529 and the team couldn’t be prouder of their achievements!

Here’s an overview of each of the awards-

FIRST Dean’s List Finalist Award:

The FIRST Dean’s List Finalist Award was created in 2010 to recognize the leadership and dedication of the FIRST most outstanding FRC students. Students who earn the FIRST Dean’s List Award status, as either a Nominee, Finalist, or Winner are not only great examples of student leaders who have lead their teams and communities to increased awareness for FIRST and its mission all the while achieving personal technical expertise and accomplishment, but it is the intention of FIRST that they continue on, post-award, as great leaders of FIRST ever growing student alumni and as advocates of FIRST. FIRST Dean’s List Finalists will go on to compete at the 2014 FIRST Championship event towards then final selection of ten FIRST Dean’s List Award Winners.

Woodie Flowers:

The Woodie Flowers Award celebrates effective communication in the art and science of engineering and design. The award recognizes an individual who has done an outstanding job of motivation through communication while also challenging the students to be clear and succinct in recognizing the value of communication. The 2014 Regional Woodie Flowers Finalist Award (WFFA) Winners will go on to the FIRST Championship Event and compete against prior WFFA Winners for the 2014 Championship Woodie Flowers Award.

The team is currently preparing for the 2014 Queen City Regional in Cincinnati, Ohio this week. More information, award submissions, and pictures from our regional events will be posted soon!

FRC 1529 at the Boilermaker Regional

FRC 1529 at the Boilermaker Regional


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Scholastic Recognition Night @ SHS

Tonight was the annual Scholastic Recognition Awards Program at Southport High. Several CyberCards were honored tonight for their work outside the team. We’re proud to have such a smart and socially active group of students!
Emma – Freshman – White River Academic League member
Jeremy – Freshman – WRAL and Brain Game Team Member
Tiger – Freshman – WRAL and BG member
Kendall – Senior – Academic Letter, Marion County Principals’ Award
Alex – Senior – Academic Competition Letter, Academic Letter, Brain Game Team Captain, White River Academic League Captain, and Boilermaker Regional Dean’s List Finalist
Congratulations to all our awesome CyberCards!

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